4 Garage Door Problems That Are Common

Your garage door is mostly out of sight-out of mind until something goes wrong. Garage door problems are common, but if you maintain your door with an annual inspection and tune-up, you can help reduce the likelihood of an unexpected breakdown. If you are experiencing more subtle issues with the operation of your garage door, you might consider other common garage door problems as the culprit. Our technicians are trained to solve all problems on all garage door brands.

  • Garage Door Does Not Open Fully

Many moving parts allow your garage door to go up and down. If your door will only open part way, this can be caused by the rollers having partially failed, or your garage door needing a readjustment. You should have a repair technician come to look at your garage door if it is displaying this behavior. Garage door opening issues can be very easy to resolve with quick action and the proper tools.

  • Garage Door Changes Direction Suddenly

If your garage door starts to go down and then goes right back up, the most common issue is with your garage door sensors. These are an important part of your garage door’s safety system and prevent people or animals from being caught and injured under the door. The sensors can get out of calibration and display this behavior. If this is the case, please schedule a technician to can come and recalibrate them to work properly.

  • The Remote Isn’t Working

Most of us use our garage door remote to get into and out of our garage. This can be a common point of failure for garage doors. First, confirm the door is working by using the wall switch before you can diagnose this issue. Your remote may just need new batteries, but sometimes you will need a new remote.

  • The Wall Switch Isn’t Working

When your garage wall switch isn’t working, you might think you have a large problem. However, this might be a simple electrical issue that a garage door technician can fix for you. You might need a new wall switch, or a wiring issue might just need to be corrected for the switch to go back to working properly.

Most common garage door problems can be avoided when you schedule annual maintenance with a qualified technician. You will find that even the most seemingly daunting issue can be resolved easily.

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